Floordinal 25 (Inscription 338514) On Sale Now! See the listing at Gamma and Magic Eden.
Floordinal 14 (Inscription 338517) On Sale Tomorrow! Price starts at 0.02 at 11am (PST). See the listing at Magic Eden.
Floordinal 14 (Inscription 338517) On Sale Now! Next listing price drops to 0.0002 at 11am (PST). See the listing at Magic Eden.
The Floordinals are a team of bitcoin ordinal inscriptions.
They don’t really know what’s going on, or how they got here, but they’re united in figuring it out (hopefully with your help).
The first 50 Floordinals (i.e. “The First String”).
Ordered by Floordinal number. Inscription #57767 – #411016.
Floordinal 1
Floordinal 2
Floordinal 3
Floordinal 4
Floordinal 5
Floordinal 6
Floordinal 7
Floordinal 8
Floordinal 9
Floordinal 10
Floordinal 11
Floordinal 12
Floordinal 13
Floordinal 14
Floordinal 15
Floordinal 16
Floordinal 17
Floordinal 18
Floordinal 19
Floordinal 20
Floordinal 21
Floordinal 22
Floordinal 23
Floordinal 24
Floordinal 25
Floordinal 26
Floordinal 27
Floordinal 28
Floordinal 29
Floordinal 30
Floordinal 31
Floordinal 32
Floordinal 33
Floordinal 34
Floordinal 35
Floordinal 36
Floordinal 37
Floordinal 38
Floordinal 39
Floordinal 40
Floordinal 41
Floordinal 42
Floordinal 43
Floordinal 44
Floordinal 45
Floordinal 46
Floordinal 47
Floordinal 48
Floordinal 49
Floordinal 50
How do I recruit a Floordinal?
You can find your favorite one at Magic Eden.
Is there a rarity ranking or traits/attributes for these?
We didn't want a rarity defined system for The First String, but you can find the traits on marketplaces that support them, and cross-reference them in the raw JSON file here.
Where is this project heading?
The Game Plan is TBD. We want to just have fun with Bitcoin and Ordinals for now. But we’ve got a lot of ideas, and would want to include every holder of The First String before making any decisions (we'll open up a gated Discord when we get there).
Is the project keeping any?
Why yes. We're keeping Floordinal 7, 15, 22, 41, and 45.
Who is behind Floordinals?
The lead and artist behind this project has been in the NFT space since 2017, has launched/founded Bitcoin-based web3 apps/companies (focused on productivity, community, security, and NFT creation), is a web3 product designer by trade, and loves to collect (not just NFTs).
We deployed + minted 999,999,999 BRC-20 tokens under the symbol FLRD. It is a fun utility token with no promise of wealth. We expect it to be floored, just like The Floordinals.
What are ordinals/inscriptions?
This rabbit hole runs deep. Consider starting with the Ordinal Theory Handbook.
Magic Eden